ChatGTPに『Harry the Dirty Dog』の要約を頼んでみた〜キッズブックス英語スクール

スクールの中学生クラスで、4月に読んでいるのが『Harry the Dirty Dog』。

Do you know the children book, Harry, the Dirty Dog? Please summarize the book in about 300 words.

Yes, I am familiar with the children’s book “Harry, the Dirty Dog” by Gene Zion. It is a classic story that has been beloved by children and parents for many years.


The book tells the story of Harry, a white dog with black spots, who loves to get dirty. One day, Harry’s family takes him to the groomer for a bath, but he doesn’t want to be clean. So, Harry runs away from the groomer and goes on an adventure through the city.

As Harry roams through the city, he gets dirtier and dirtier. He rolls in dirt, jumps in a pond, and even rubs himself in coal dust. By the end of the day, Harry is so dirty that no one recognizes him.

When Harry finally returns home, his family doesn’t realize it’s him and they refuse to let him inside. Harry decides to show them that he is indeed their beloved pet by performing all of his favorite tricks, such as fetching his ball and doing backflips. Eventually, Harry’s family realizes that it is him and they happily welcome him back inside.

The book is beautifully illustrated with charming drawings that capture the whimsical nature of Harry’s adventure. It teaches children the importance of being yourself and the power of perseverance. It also highlights the special bond between pets and their families.

Overall, “Harry, the Dirty Dog” is a timeless classic that has brought joy and laughter to generations of children.
His family didn’t take Harry to the groomer. They give him a bath. Correct your summary.

Thank you for pointing that out. I apologize for the error in my previous summary. In the book “Harry, the Dirty Dog,” Harry’s family gives him a bath, not take him to the groomer. I appreciate the correction.

In the book, Harry’s family tries to give him a bath to make him clean, but Harry doesn’t like baths, so he runs away and goes on his adventure through the city, getting dirtier and dirtier in the process.